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Introduction to the floors

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For your convenience, we have specially designed the layout of each floor so that you can find the location of each office window in advance.
Floorplan overview of the 1st Office of Changhua District Prosecutor Office [No. 240, Section 2, Zhongshan Road, Yuanlin City, Changhua County]:

2/F Chief Prosecutor Office, Head Prosecutor Office, Head Clerk Office, Prosecutor Office, Prosecutor Investigator Office, Record Section (1), Data Section, Statistics Room, Forensic Medical Examiner Office, Documentation Section, Press Room, Conference Room, Judicial Police Lounge, Judicial Heritage Room, Personnel Office, Situation Room

1/F Bailiff Room, Urine Collection Room, Investigation Rooms 1–10, Interrogation Rooms 1–3, Conversation Room, Loot Storage, Record Section (2), Breastfeeding Room, Information Room, Computer Room, Service Center, Executive Prosecutor's Room, Enforcement Section, In-study Judicial Officer Room, Research Section, Accounting Room, Chief Probation Officer Room, Changhua County Honorary Probation Officers Association, Probation Officer Room 1–3, Consultation Room, Evidence Reading, Saloon, Group Consultation Room, Lawyers Lounge, Ethics Office, Drug Reference Room, After-care and Protection Association, Crime Victim Protection Association, General Affairs Section, Prosecutor Investigator Office (1)

Back building 5/F  Private Meeting Room, Large Group Classroom, Small Group Consultation and Treatment Room

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