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Promotion of legal matters

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  • Last updated:2024-03-27
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To spread legal knowledge among the people and to cultivate the habit of knowing, advocating, and abiding by the law, the Department has provided key points of governance every year and actively and comprehensively promoted, in real, energetic, and diversified ways, the following specific measures in schools, society, families, and prisons:

  1. Comprehensive promotion of common legal knowledge
    • Use the Internet to promote legal knowledge:
      To set up a link to the Ministry of Justice’s webpage on the Department’s website with a section on common legal knowledge, so as to use the Internet media to promote the common legal knowledge that is closely related to people's daily lives. This includes sub-units such as "Laws in Life," "Talks on Current Legal Affairs," "Good Boy Legal Thunder Platform," "Six laws Strategies," "All Walks of Life," and "Crime Focus." It provides the public, institutions, schools, and groups with reference and application.
    • Legal promotion activities in an implanted way:
      To provide detailed legal analysis to the public, produce and broadcast legal promotion programs, and strengthen the propaganda on law through cooperation with TV companies, radio stations, and other media using legal and other cases in daily life.
    • Legal promotion by themes:
      To set up, according to the social situation, themes of propaganda on anti-drug, anti-counterfeiting, anti-fraud, and legal matters on campus and to and dispatch the Department’s prosecutors to institutions and schools of their jurisdiction to explain and promote legal knowledge and engage in legal knowledge promotion activities in combination with local resources.
    • Primary and secondary school students’ visits to court:
      To continue to arrange primary and secondary school students' visits to the prosecutor's office and the court so that the education on the rule of law will take root in the campus and will cultivate the concept of law-abiding and discipline-abiding citizens.
    • Promoting the rule of law together with social groups:
      To actively carry out legal promotion activities in combination with social welfare, charities, religious groups, professional groups, and universities, where, while the government has limited power, there are unlimited resources in private sectors.
    • Unblocking legal consultation resources:
      To promote legal services in universities and provide free legal advice to the public, reinforce the bar association’s legal assistance for the general public, implement people’s equal access to legal rights and interests, and strengthen litigation counseling.
    • Establishing a legal promotion network:
      To integrate legal promotion resources such as local courts and bar associations to provide the public, government, and schools with legal publicity and the application of legal services.
  2. Advocacy on election-related anti-bribery
    Advocacy on anti-bribery is of the utmost importance in making the election fairer. This Department always cooperates with the annual elections. It formulates specific campaign plans according to the characteristics of the election and coordinates the relevant units (such as the Changhua branch of the Taiwan After-care Association, Changhua branch of the Crime Victims Protection Association, and the Changhua County Probation Volunteers Association) to expedite the process. Moreover, this Department mobilizes its colleagues to join forces with the resources provided by local civil societies to hold various anti-bribery activities. In addition to the diversified print propaganda, anti-bribery propaganda is to be carried out intensively through television, radio media, and radio propaganda vehicles. The public is encouraged to report corruption concerns using the toll-free hotline 0800-024-099.
  3. Promotion of "community living camp" project
    Based on the concept of the forward extension of crime prevention and the direction of former Minister Chen in the ministerial affairs report, the Department plans to promote a community living camp program, with the aim of helping those students who are at the edge of behavior deviation: from poor school performance or adaptation or having committed violations, through assisting them in their after-school homework and correcting behavior. Methods adopted are lively, integrated with pleasure, and conducive to promoting a balanced development of the “five education,” to achieve the comprehensive goal of crime prevention and victim reduction.
  4. Continued anti-drug campaign
    "Prevention of drug harm and refusal of drug temptation" has always been the government's anti-drug task, which the Ministry of Justice has listed as the key goal every year. In addition to using both television and print media to strengthen press releases and provide continued engagement in drug refusal efforts, the Department plans to implement the following diversified anti-drug and drug refusal campaign activities:
    • To strengthen the research on juvenile drug crimes;
    • To promote the “Implementation Plan on Promoting Youth Summer Activities and Crime Prevention Joined with Non-government Resources”;
    • To organize legal publicity activities in combination with the resources of non-government charity organizations;
    • To reinforce anti-drug propaganda on campus; and
    • To use radio to promote legal publicity activities.
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