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Our jurisdiction covers two cities, eighteen townships, and six villages, with a total population of more than 1.31 million: Changhua City of Changhua County, Fenyuan Township, Huatan Township, Hemei Village, Xiushui Township, Shengang Township, Xianxi Township, Lugang Village, Fuxing Township, Yuanlin City, Dacun Township, Yongjing Township, Puxin Township, Puyan Township, Xihu Town, Shetou Township, Tanzhong Village, Ershui Township, Tianwei Township, Beidou Town, Xizhou Township, Erlin Village, Zhutang Township, Fangyuan Township, Dacheng Village, and Pitou township. The Changhua County police station has branches in Changhua, Yuanlin, Hemei, Lugang, Xihu, Tanzhong, Beidou, and Fangyuan.

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