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Please Use the Contact Information Below

Litigation counseling hotline: 04-8371295
General report telephone: 04-8379321     04-8323382
Hotline for reporting corruption: 04-8360282
Fax for reporting corruption: 04-8315824

P.O. box for report: P.O. Box 310, Yuanlin Post
Chief Prosecutor's email: chcmail@mail.moj.gov.tw
Email for report: chcn@mail.moj.gov.tw
Email for public opinion: cpo2@mail.moj.gov.tw

Website of the Changhua County District Prosecutor Office:

Website of the designated application window : https://eservice.moj.gov.tw/1219/

No. 240, Section 2, Zhongshan Road, Yuanlin City, Changhua County, 51002

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