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Changhua County, which is under this Department’s jurisdiction, is located in the middle of Taiwan and covers an area of more than 1,074 square kilometers, with fertile land, rich property, industrial and commercial development, and convenient transportation. Judicial litigation cases in this county were originally under the jurisdiction of Taiwan's Taichung District Court. However, due to its large population and as a result of economic development, the County has gradually moved from agriculture into industry and commerce—resulting in a surge in litigation cases. Thus, after various discussions, the Changhua Court of Taiwan Taichung District Court was established in the town of Yuanlin in 1954. The construction of the Changhua Court started in July 1958 and was completed in April 1959. The Court was officially established on January 22, 1960, having jurisdiction over civil litigation and non-litigation cases taking place within Changhua County. However, the Prosecutor’s Office of the Taiwan Taichung District Court still handled prosecution affairs. Later, local efforts established a Changhua District Court Promotion Association to expand the Changhua Court to an independent court. On March 7, 1968, the former Ministry of Judicial Administration ordered Ch’u Chien-hung, the President of the Taiwan Yunlin District Court, to become the Chairman of the Preparatory Committee for active planning of the construction site. The construction project was issued on August 2, 1968. On August 31, 1969, the former Ministry of Judicial Administration appointed Ch’u Chien-hung as the first President of the Taiwan Changhua District Court and Shi Xi-en as the first Chief Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Taiwan Changhua District Court. All construction work was completed in early March 1970, and both the court and the prosecutor’s office moved into the new building (No. 40, Section 2, Zhongshan Road, Yuanlin Town). To meet the requirement of the Court Organization Law, the court and the prosecutor’s office was separated on July 1, 1980, and the Prosecutorate was ordered to change its name to the Prosecutor’s Office on December 24, 1989. However, on May 25, 2018, the name was further changed to Taiwan Changhua District Prosecutor’s Office, in accordance with Paragraph 2, Article 114, of The Amendment to the Court Organization Law as announced by the Presidential Decree Hua Zong Yi Yi Zi No. 10700055461.



  • Service Center

    "People first" is our value and belief."Strive for perfection," "facilitate the people," and "benefit the people" are our work rules."Safeguarding the rights of the people" is our duty. Service times: Monday to Friday, 08:00 - 12:00am and 01:30 - 05:30pm Our available services: Delivery reception:A designated person shall oversee the receipt of all mail, documents, and various applications. Refund of criminal deposit, stolen goods, evidence, and money: After receiving the notice or order of return, the guarantor or the notified person may, at any time except for regular holidays, bring the notice or order, national identity card, seal, and original payment receipt to the designated window of the Center to conveniently claim a refund of a criminal deposit. Where the guarantor or the notified party authorizes another person to collect a deposit, the authorized party must present the following: the national identity card of the authorizing person, letter of appointment, notice or order, the original payment receipt, and the national identity card and seal of the authorized party. The prosecutor must review and approve the deposit collection. If the refund exceeds NT $100,000, a seal certificate of the guarantor or the notified person shall also be presented; the refunded deposit may be collected after the review and approval by the prosecutor. If the authorized person is the spouse or an adult that is a direct relative of the guarantor or the notified person, he or she may present the household register in lieu of the seal.Service hotline: 04-8357274 ext. 297 Return of stolen goods:A simple and quick process is available. After receiving an order regarding the return of stolen goods, the notified person may collect the stolen goods directly from this office's stolen goods warehouse by supplying his or her national identity card and the order. If the notified party authorizes another person to collect these goods, the authorized person shall present his or her national identity card and seal and the national identity card and letter of appointment of the authorizing person; the prosecutor must first verify these documents before any stolen goods can be collected.Service hotline: 04-8357274 ext. 261 The judicial police room has a criminal court registration desk, where service windows are available for handling releases on bond, releases to custody, verbal complaints, inspections, counseling, and inquiries; missed meals are also provided free of charge for defendants in custody, bail-waiting rooms, or question waiting rooms.Service hotline: 04-8357274 ext. 203 Travel expenses for witnesses and appraisers:Having testified at the hearing of this office upon request, a witness or appraiser may collect daily travel expenses from the criminal reporting office through an application for witness’ daily travel expenses and a receipt issued by the court prosecutor. Collection of fine and payment:The treasury window, which is stationed by the cooperative treasury of the Center, shall collect payments for criminal deposits, criminal fines, fines approved for the commutation of fixed-term imprisonment, money for stolen goods and evidence, the amount paid to the public treasury by an order of reprieve of prosecution, etc. Consultation and guidance on proceedings:The Service Center has assigned an experienced and supportive clerk to specifically handle litigation counseling, answer questions, and assist in handling application matters. The heads of the various departments are officers of the Service Center’s organization system, and they actively participate in the counseling services. If there is any doubt about any case’s progress, termination, process handling, or relief procedures for the outcome of any action, you may proceed to directly consult with the litigation counseling clerk by telephone or in person; form application letters, forms, pleading, sample drafts, etc. are available for free as a reference.Consultation hotline: 04-8357251, 8357274 ext. 322Litigation counseling hotline: 04-8371295 Request for additional autopsy certificate:To receive an additional autopsy certificate, an applicant shall complete an application at the Service Center and must submit it to the prosecutor for approval, together with the following documents: the original autopsy certificate, the applicant’s national identity card, and the original or a photocopy of any document certifying the relationship with the deceased.Service hotline: 04-8357251, 8357274 ext. 322 Window for appeal by victims of major crimes:P.O. Box: P.O. Box 310, Yuanlin Post OfficeComplaint hotline: 04-8323382Complaint Fax No.: 04-8341765 Other consulting services:For other services, please contact the service staff of this Service Center directly.

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