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  • Last updated:2020-12-29
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  1. Introduction:
    In September of 1992, this Department established the Ethics Office in accordance with the provisions of the Regulations on Staffing Service Ethics Offices. Under the instruction of the Head of the Department, we conduct ethical business according to the law and also under the command and supervision of the higher-level Service Ethics Office. Having worked over the years under the principles of "promoting the good over preventing the bad," "prevention over investigation," and "service instead of intervention," the staff of the Ethics Office provide services according to the law, actively promote service ethics, and assist the Head of the Department in promoting government affairs and creating a high-quality working environment, thus allowing civil servants to be courageous in their work. They exercise "love" throughout the whole process of their work, protect the dignity and legitimate rights and interests of the civil servants, and establish the moral principles of a civil servant: "unwilling to be greedy," "unable to be greedy," "no need to be greedy," and "dare not be greedy." Moreover, they build a clean and effective government and win the public's trust in the procuratorial organs.
  2. Key projects for ethical work at this stage:
    • Prevent corruption;
    • Uncover corruption incidents;
    • Maintain work secrets;
    • Be cautious of possible destruction and damage;
    • Implement property declarations; and
    • Provide suggestions on reforming the ethical work standards of the Department.
  3. Acceptance of report on corruption and malfeasance of this Department’s civil servants:
    Special line for reporting corruption and malfeasance:
    Special line: (04) 8360282
    Fax: (04) 8315824
    P.O. Box 310, Yuanlin Post Office
    Email: chcn@mail.moj.gov.tw
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