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  • Last updated:2024-02-02
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01 聲請變更送達處所狀
Application for Changing the Address for Service of Process
02 聲請撤回再議狀
Application to Withdraw the Reconsideration
03 聲請移轉管轄狀
Motion to Transfer the Jurisdiction
04 聲請撤回上訴狀
Motion to Withdraw the Appeal
05 聲請檢察官提起上訴狀(一審)
Request for Appeal by the Prosecutor
06 請求增(補)發書類聲請表
Application for Additional Copies (Reissuance) of the Documents
07 刑事聲請再審狀(因重要證據漏未審酌)
Criminal Motion for Retrial(Lacking consideration of material evidence)
08 刑事聲請再審狀(發現確實之新證據)
Criminal Motion for Retrial(Discovery of new substantial evidence)
09 請求核發結案證明書聲請表
Application for Certificate of Case Closure
10 請求補發相驗屍體證明書聲請表
Application for the Reissuance of the Autopsy Certificate
11 委任狀
Power of Attorney
12 刑事告訴狀
Criminal Complaint
13 刑事答辯狀
Criminal Answer to the Complaint
14 和解書
15 聲請撤回告訴狀
Application to Withdraw the Complaint
16 刑事聲請再議狀(告訴人聲請再議)
Application for Reconsideration in Criminal Proceeding
17 刑事聲請再議狀(被告聲請再議)
Application for Reconsideration in Criminal Proceeding
18 聲請傳喚 證人(鑑定人)狀
Application for Witness (Expert Witness) Summons
19 聲請變更期日應訊狀
Application to Change the Date of the Investigation
20 請求發還刑事保證金聲請表
Application for Refund of the Criminal Bail
21 請求發還 證物/扣押物 聲請表
Application for Return of Evidence/Seized Item
22 請求解除限制出境聲請表
Application for the Removal of Restriction from Leaving the ROC
23 請求發給執行完畢證明書聲請表
Application for the Certificate of Sentence Completion
24 請求停止、延期執行聲請表
Application for Suspending/Postponing the Execution
25 聲請撤銷通緝狀
Application to Cancel a Circular Order
26 請求准予分期繳納罰金聲請表
Application to Pay the Fine in Installments
27 請求准予易科罰金聲請狀
Application to Convert the Imprisonment Sentence to a Fine
28 緩起訴處分執行完畢證明書聲請表
Application for Certificate of Disposition of the Completion of Deferred Prosecution
29 刑事聲請狀
Criminal Application
30 平民法律扶助申請書
Civilian Legal Aid Application Form
31 委任書(領取刑事保證金)
Power of Attorney
32 委任書(領取證物、扣押物)
Power of Attorney
33 請求更定應執行刑聲請表
Application for Determining the Sentence to be Executed
34 請求延期執行觀察勒戒聲請表
Application for Postponing the Rehabilitation Treatment
35 請求准予易科罰金聲請表
Application Commuting the Imprisonment Term to a Fine
36 請求准就殘刑繳納罰金聲請表
Application for Paying a Fine for the Remaining Sentence
37 請求發監執行聲請表
Application for Executing the Sentence of Imprisonment
38 聲請查復案件進行情形狀
Application for the Informing of Case Progress
39 聲請案移法院併自訴案審理狀
Application to Transfer the Case to Another Court for the Combined Trial with Private Prosecution
40 聲請送達書類狀
Application for the Document of Service of Process
41 請求囑託執行聲請表
Application for Executing the Sentence at A Convenient Venue
42 犯罪被害補償金申請書
Application for Crime Victim Compensation
43 犯罪被害補償金申請書-境外補償金版
Application for Crime Victim Compensation-Overseas Compensation version
44 遺屬(境外)補償金共同具領同意書
Consent Form For Joint Claim by applicants in the same priority order
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